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frequently asked questions

It's common to have questions before starting

Here are some answers to questions that new clients frequently ask.

On a Rock by the Ocean
  • How do I know if I need therapy or not?
    My response to this question is simple - If you’re wondering if therapy would be helpful, it’s probably time to find a therapist. But, if you’re still wondering if therapy would be helpful, here are some other signs that therapy might be what you need right now: • You feel “stuck” or paralyzed • You don’t feel happy or fulfilled in life • You’re struggling to function in your daily life • You want to change certain patterns that don’t work for you • You want your life to be different but aren’t sure where to start • You’ve recently experienced a big loss and are having trouble coping • You are facing a big loss or a major life change and want extra support • You feel empty, unsure of yourself, or inadequateYou’re ready to make changes in your life
  • Will you tell me what I need to do?
    My role as your therapist is not to tell you what to do - it’s to act as a guide as we explore: • What you want to heal • Changes you want to make • What's holding you back right now • Small steps you can make that will lead to big changes.
  • What if there are some things I don’t want to talk about?
    Our therapy sessions are intended to be your safe space to explore what’s going on in your life - you get to decide what we do and don’t talk about. If there are certain topics that you don’t want to get into, I will honor that and respect your boundary.
  • Will we be able to meet over the computer?
    Yes — Beachside Counseling is currently providing services solely via teletherapy. We anticipate returning to in-person services in our office at some point, but we do not have a specific timeframe at this time.
  • Do you work with people who live outside of the San Diego or Sonoma County area?
    Yes, absolutely. Thanks to the option of teletherapy, we are able to offer services to anybody residing in California. Because of state licensing restrictions, we are only able to see clients who reside in California and who are located in Califorina at the time of the session.

Are You Ready to Find Happiness?

Life can be challenging sometimes — circumstances change, people depart and love can be fleeting. Therapy helps you build the tools to manage life when it's harder than it needs to be.

Sandy Beach
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