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depression & anxiety therapy

On the surface, everything appears to be going well.

But deep down, it’s a different story. Maybe you feel overwhelmed, upset, and insecure. Or perhaps you worry that you’re an imposter and that everything is about to fall apart.

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Depression and anxiety can feel isolating and confusing.

Maybe you’re struggling to find the motivation to get things done, or you’re feeling tired and generally down. Sometimes, the very thought of upsetting or disappointing someone in your life leaves you feeling frozen. Our emotions are designed to guide us. To keep us safe. To help us process the information we take in about the world around us, but when our emotions are disordered, as is the case when people struggle with anxiety or depression, they begin to impact us in unexpected and often negative ways. 

Depression and anxiety don’t discriminate. They are two of the most common mental health challenges that people face. They can be brought on by stressors or life circumstances. Or, they can be something you've dealt with off and on for years. Sometimes, the issue is obvious, but many times, the struggle feels far more covert. Whether your experience is severe and debilitating or just a mild increase in emotional response, therapy can help you learn to identify, understand, process, and manage your depression or anxiety.


"imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together."

- Brené Brown

Therapy Can Help You Cope With Depression & Anxiety

People with high-functioning depression or anxiety may look very successful to the outside world. They often hold down jobs, manage family responsibilities, and take care of their physical appearance. Unless you disclose your struggles, other people may have no idea what’s going on. However, you know how lonely, frustrated, and upset you feel. Therapy offers a validating, nonjudgmental environment to process your emotions. It also provides action-based solutions for working through your stressors. Your depression or anxiety doesn’t have to rob you of your well-being. We can work together to help you manage these symptoms and live a more fulfilling life. 

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can feel isolating and confusing. You might even question if you’re really struggling or if you should just be able to figure it out on your own. After all, you’re getting out of bed each day. You’re showing up and taking care of your responsibilities. You tell yourself that you have a good life, so why are you experiencing these intense feelings that aren’t going away?


Therapy can help you uncover what drives your depression or anxiety, like cognitive distortions, low self-esteem, or ineffective coping skills. When we work together, we'll focus on identifying the causes of your depression and anxiety as well as building healthy coping skills to help you decrease the symptoms and increase your motivation and happiness.

depression & anxiety

When Is It Time To Seek Help?

If you're experiencing any of these challenges, therapy can help:

  • You’re having a hard time focusing or concentrating

  • You are crying more than usual

  • You don’t want to do things you’ve always loved doing

  • You’re overly-tired and can’t sleep enough

  • You find yourself worrying a lot more than usual

  • You feel amped up all the time and can’t quiet your mind

  • You’re avoiding the important people in your life

If your depression or anxiety is getting in the way of your day-to-day life, or if you find yourself struggling to thrive because of it, it may be time to consider getting extra support. Beachside Counseling can help. Reach out to  schedule a consultation and start your journey to happiness and wholeness.

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Are you ready to stop struggling and start living your ideal life?

Schedule a session today to start your therapy journey and begin your path to hope, healing, and happiness.

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