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highly sensitive people

Do you ever feel overwhelmed from too much stimulation?

Do you need time and privacy to recharge during busy days? Have people labeled you as too shy or sensitive? If so, you might be a highly sensitive person (HSP).

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HSPs often believe something is wrong with them.

Traits that are typical of HSPs can leave you believing there’s something wrong with you. For example, you may feel burdened by your emotions or exhausted by the needs of others that you feel obligated to meet. HSPs can struggle immensely with specific triggers, and it can be challenging to cope with change or spontaneous events. This all sounds negative and overwhelming, and if you’re an HSP, you may feel misunderstood or overwhelmed every day.

If you feel misunderstood or like there’s something wrong with you, let us be the first to say that there is nothing wrong with you — you are remarkable. In fact, you possess numerous positive traits, such as deeper empathy, stronger intuition, and a zest for art and beauty. These positives can be overshadowed by the adverse impact of feeling emotions and empathizing so deeply, but therapy can help you learn to manage your potentially overwhelming emotions in order to live a more satisfying life while embracing every aspect of who you are.



"therapy helped me to see the beauty in my sensitivity."

- Anonymous

Signs you're a highly sensitive person (HSP).

If any of these feel familiar, you may be part of the 15-20% of the population considered to be highly sensitive people (HSPs), meaning your brain processes information more deeply than most:

  • HSPs are more perceptive and attuned to their surroundings

  • HSPs are more aware of their inner experiences

  • HSPs are extremely upset by violence, cruelty, or unkindness 

  • HSPs are often exhausted from experiencing the emotions of others

  • HSPs are always seeking and considering things deeply 

  • HSPs struggle with criticism 

  • HSPs avoid conflict

  • HSPs are very moved by beauty and art

As an HSP, you don't have to struggle anymore.


in therapy...

we will work together to explore your sensitive gifts, identify your needs, and optimize your environment so you can thrive. Beachside Counseling can also help you learn viable coping skills to manage your stressors. When you participate in therapy, you'll feel seen, heard, and supported in other related goals, such as strengthening your self-esteem, improving your interpersonal relationships, and adapting to challenging life circumstances.

When you’re ready, the Beachside Counseling is here for you. Use the link below to
schedule a consultation to determine if therapy for highly sensitive people in our San Diego practice is the right next step for you. 

How do I know if therapy would be helpful?

If you're experiencing any of these challenges, we can help:

  • You often feel overwhelmed by the world

  • You require more down time than other people in your life

  • You’re sensitive to things like sounds, smells, and textures

  • You have a hard time receiving feedback

  • You tend to have big emotions and feel things very deeply

  • You’ve been told you’re “too sensitive” throughout your life

  • You struggle to connect with others unless it's in a deep and meaningful way

While being a highly sensitive person isn’t an official clinical diagnosis, it’s definitely a real thing that many people struggle with. When you visit us for therapy in our San Diego practice, we can examine your experiences as a highly sensitive person and discuss the rewarding aspects of feeling things intensely as well as exploring the ways that being a highly sensitive person has negatively impacted your life, so you can stop avoiding your big emotions and overwhelming feelings and start loving your life again – heightened sensitivity and all. Learn more about therapy for highly sensitive people and empaths on this page or by contacting our San Diego therapy team to schedule a consultation .

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Are you ready to stop struggling and start living your ideal life?

Schedule a session today to start your therapy journey and begin your path to hope, healing, and happiness.

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