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grief & loss therapy

Grief is a universal human experience...

but it can feel downright debilitating. You may oscillate between feeling numb, angry, and confused, and can feel completely isolated in your grief.

You don't have to face this alone.

On the Beach

It may feel like your grief will never go away.

We live in a society that tends to suppress, intellectualize, or otherwise avoid the feelings associated with grief and loss. There can be an expectation that you need to “move on” quickly, as if your healing is supposed to follow a specific timeline. Many people find themselves struggling with grief several months or years after a loss, and that’s okay. Healing from grief is not about ignoring these intense emotions or forcing yourself to move on. Instead, therapy helps people embrace and feel the deep emotions connected to grief while finding ways to live and learn to accept their day-to-day lives again. It’s not moving on from your grief. It’s moving on with your grief.

Countless people are struggling with grief and loss right now and if you need help finding space in your life for grief while managing to take small steps back into your day-to-day life, you don't have to face it alone. Beachside Counseling
 offers therapy for grief and loss in our boutique San Diego practice. Learn more about therapy for grief and loss on this page, or by getting in touch with us to schedule a consultation visit.


"she was no longer wrestling with the grief, but could sit down with it as a lasting companion and make it a sharer in her thoughts."

- George Eliott
(Mary Ann Evans)

What to Expect From Therapy for Grief & Loss

It’s crucial to recognize that grief isn’t just limited to mourning the death of a loved one. That is just one specific kind of grief called bereavement. We can experience grief following any significant loss, including breakups and divorces, career changes, or relocation. Any loss, even if you deem it as a positive thing, may trigger feelings of discomfort, guilt, fear, shame, and mourning that are characteristic of grief. At times, a loss might also make you feel relieved, and that emotion presents its own challenges.  

When you visit Beachside Counseling for therapy, we work together to process and understand your loss. Therapy provides a safe and nonjudgmental environment to explore your feelings. While the goal isn’t about forgetting what was lost, you can learn how to integrate new meaning into your life. Together, we can move towards healing and find a greater sense of acceptance. When you’re ready, Beachside Counseling is here for you. Use the link below to schedule a consultation to determine if therapy for grief and loss in our San Diego practice is the right next step for you.


how therapy works

therapy won't automatically fix or erase the intense emotions related to grief and loss. However, it can help you feel supported and validated during this vulnerable time, so you can find room to live your life again while honoring and embracing your emotional experience.

During grief, some days will inherently feel harder than others. It’s normal to move through various stages. It’s also normal to fluctuate through tons of different emotions that can change hour-to-hour or even minute-to-minute. Our therapists who provide therapy for grief and loss have worked in hospice care and received specialized training in bereavement work, and we understand that grief is a unique process that affects each person differently. 

How do I know if therapy would be helpful?

If you're experiencing any of these challenges, therapy can help:

  • You feel “stuck” in your grief

  • You feel lost without your person

  • You worry you’ll feel this way “forever”

  • You’re struggling to find meaning or purpose in life after your loss

  • You are having difficulty functioning or resuming your normal life activities (like work, seeing friends, or taking care of yourself)

  • You are struggling to cope with intense or overwhelming emotions

  • You feel ready to move forward but aren’t sure how

Read more about grief & loss

Are you ready to stop struggling and start living your ideal life?

Schedule a session today to start your therapy journey and begin your path to hope, healing, and happiness.

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