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consultation & supervision

Affordable consultation and supervision services available.

Ongoing consultation or supervision is part of being a therapist. Whether you're pre-licensed or fully licensed, seeking guidance and input from an expert in a certain clinical topic can improve your clinical skills and help you help your clients. As-needed consultation for therapists across the country and ongoing supervision services for Associate therapists in CA are offered.

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Beachside Counseling offers consultation services and supervision from Christine Tomasello, LMFT. Christine specializes in grief & loss, therapy with Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), and therapy for fellow therapist, and combines an inclusive, trauma-informed approach with a strengths-based and psychodynamic lens in her clinical work.

As a supervisor, Christine utilizes a humanistic, client-centered, and trauma-informed approach and integrates a blend of psychodynamic, narrative, and strengths-based orientations in her work with Associates. She believes that the therapeutic relationship is critical to positive client outcomes and will help new therapists develop clinical skills to excel in their areas of interest. Supervision will not only focus on interventions, but will also integrate an exploration of various theories to help Associates identify specific orientations to use as frameworks for case conceptualization.

In an effort to make our services accessible to peers and Associates, we are proud to offer "pay what you can" and sliding scale rates for both consultation and supervision services.

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