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Beachside Counseling Has Become Therapy for Highly Sensitive People

I'm not just a therapist... I'm also a highly sensitive person (HSP). As an HSP, I am passionate about helping fellow highly sensitive people learn to love themselves. I've had my own personal experience of being misunderstood by a therapist, which indirectly led me specialize in therapy for highly sensitive people. This commitment to serving fellow HSPs convinced me to change the name (and focus) of my practice from Beachside Counseling to Therapy for Highly Sensitive People.

Beachside Counseling is now Therapy for Highly Sensitive People

Therapy for Highly Sensitive People is an online virtual therapy space created to help HSPs cope with common life challenges. HSPs often have a hard time finding a therapist who knows what it means to be highly sensitive and working with a therapist who’s unskilled in high sensitivity can exacerbate the shame and brokenness HSPs already tend to feel. I’m a highly sensitive therapist and I’m on a mission to help fellow HSPs better understand their brain and nervous system so they too can begin to embrace the gifts of their sensitivities and learn to love their tender souls.

Visit our new website to read more about this change, our mission and the therapy services we provide for HSPs.



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Sandy Beach
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