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Podcast: How the Enneagram Can Help Artists Unblock

I was honored to be a guest on Beyond Artist's Block, a podcast created by Rachel Moore, LMFT that explores the intersections between art, creativity, and mental health.

In the show, Rachel and I talk in depth about my favorite personality tool, the Enneagram, and how it relates to creativity. We explore some of the different Enneagram types, how your Enneagram type might influence your inner critic, and my thoughts on the 3-way connection between Enneagram types, vulnerability, and creativity.

Click Play below to listen to the interview and the button below to visit the Beyond Artist's Block website to check out more of Rachel's interviews about creativity.


About the Author

Christine Tomasello is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Founder of Beachside Counseling in San Diego, CA, where she helps clients work through grief and loss, major life changes, and challenging relationship patterns. Christine identifies as a helper, healer, and highly sensitive person (HSP), and specializes in working with other therapists, helpers, healers, and HSPs.



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